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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy treatment method used to change addictive patterns of thinking by examining the thought processes that reinforce destructive behaviors. At Complete Harmony, our licensed practitioners help clients evaluate the source of these unhealthy patterns and replace them with positive, productive thoughts and actions. Over time, CBT allows men and women to deal with emotional problems to change the way they feel and act.

“Unlearning” Addiction Using CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based upon the idea that behaviors can be learned and unlearned. When drugs and alcohol become a habitual way of improving self-esteem and dealing with daily challenges, CBT works to undo this warped perception of reality. Partnering with their therapist, clients begin to formulate new goals and replace substance abuse with healthy behaviors.

Benefits of CBT for Addiction Recovery

Irrational or distorted thought patterns are a major contributor to drug, alcohol, and other addictions. As individuals try to deal with these harmful thoughts, they turn to substances to ease their emotional and psychological pain. The Complete Harmony therapy team specializes in CBT for addiction recovery in both group and individual settings. Advantages of this hands-on, goal-based modality include:

· Getting “unstuck” from thought-destructive patterns that lead to substance abuse
· Replacing distorted thoughts with alternate ways of thinking
· Using practical strategies to handle stress in work, family, and everyday settings
· Recognizing triggers and learning to manage them to avoid future relapse
· Addressing addictive behaviors alongside dual diagnoses

Begin CBT at Complete Harmony’s CA Rehab Facility

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that CBT-type therapies have been highly effective in treating cocaine abuse, and Complete Harmony combines CBT with other holistic therapies to address other types of street drug, prescription drug, and alcohol addiction. Studies have also shown that CBT can be successfully applied to many areas of our client’s lives to deliver enriching, productive results. To learn more about our alternative, non-12-step programs or to speak with a member of our credentialed addiction team, dial 866.930.4673 or submit a confidential online inquiry today.

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