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Comfortable Detox

Detoxification is often the first stage of recovery at our California rehab center. If you require detox when you arrive at Complete Harmony, our addiction specialists will evaluate you and establish a program customized to your unique needs. Attempting to discontinue the use of drugs and alcohol at home can be potentially life threatening, so it is critical that you seek professional assistance and qualified medical support.


During detox, our trained staff ensures that you are as comfortable as possible: managing withdrawal symptoms and ridding your body of chemicals so you can begin rehabilitation with a clear, prepared state of mind. In addition to holistic therapies that cleanse the body, brain and spirit naturally, we may also recommend medication for challenging withdrawal symptoms. Most of the time, clients receive significant benefit from alternative therapies, alone. These may include:



The Goal of Detox

We urge Complete Harmony clients to consider detox a fresh start in their sobriety journey. Discontinuing substances is a different experience for everyone, and while we understand that it can cause anxiety, we make the experience as trouble-free and comfortable as possible. Our credentialed addiction team supervises every phase of detox, helping to curb physical symptoms as you begin psychological and emotional healing psychologically and emotionally. Depending upon your overall health, substance abuse history, and personal motivation, active recovery may occur alongside your detox program. Complete Harmony helps clients safely and holistically discontinue all substance types, including but not limited to:


Get Admitted Into Our Orange County Detox Center

If you or someone you love is physically and psychologically addicted to drugs or alcohol, we can help. Our team has helped hundreds of patients detox and restore their whole body using holistic therapies for symptom management and improved well-being. To learn more about our alternative rehab program and natural detox methods, call our Admission Department or submit a private, confidential inquiry online today. It’s time to begin your journey to health!

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