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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapy used to treat substance abusers suffering from dual diagnoses like suicidal tendencies and borderline personality disorder (BPD). DBT’s cognitive-behavioral approach helps clients be present in the moment, learn new behavioral skills, and regulate negative emotions. The term “dialectical” refers to the integration of opposite strategies—acceptance and challenge to change—into the therapy program.

During DBT therapy at our 12 step alternative program, clients are reminded that they are accepted as they are—but that positive change is necessary to achieve their goals. Teaching strategies that motivate both self-love and the desire to change, our licensed practitioners take participants through four stages of treatment:

· Stage 1: Achieving behavioral control rather than remaining out of control.
· Stage 2: Moving from quiet desperation to a full emotional experience. This is the stage where therapists address post-traumatic conditions.
· Stage 3: Learning to live in peace and happiness; defining one’s purpose and developing self-respect.
· Stage 4: Moving beyond “happiness” to a state of spiritual satisfaction. While not all clients pursue stage four, it provides an opportunity transcend oneself to experience deep joy.

Features of DBT for Addiction Recovery

Well-suited for clients dealing with extreme emotional swings, severe depression, and the desire to hurt themselves, DBT offers practical, simple strategies for changing compulsive, self-harmful patterns. During therapy, clients focus on four main DBT aspects: mindfulness, interpersonal relationships, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance. As individuals proceed through the DBT program, they are challenged to embrace radical abstinence from drugs and alcohol. When they relapse, however, the therapist reminds them that this is not a sign of failure—but of a problem to be solved.

Begin DBT at Complete Harmony’s CA Rehab Facility

To determine whether DBT and other cognitive-behavioral treatment types are suited to your needs, the Complete Harmony team gets to know your health history, substance abuse history, therapy objectives, and dual diagnoses. For optimal success, our credentialed addiction team combines DBT with other holistic modalities to achieve and maintain a lifestyle of substance abstinence and enhanced mental health. To learn more about our alternative, non-12-step programs or to speak with a member of our therapy or medical team, dial 866.930.4673 or submit a confidential online inquiry today.

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