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Holistic Addiction Treatment Program

Complete Harmony rehab empowers clients to achieve and maintain sobriety through the use of holistic therapies and alternative approaches. Stepping out of the confines of traditional 12-step programs, we treat the whole person: simultaneously taking into account their mental, physical, spiritual, and social needs and giving them tools for self-empowerment.

Each person faces different challenges as they begin recovery. Family relationships, personal background, emotional makeup, and substance abuse history vary drastically among individuals. Because of this, we believe in creating addiction treatment plans that are tailored to client-specific needs. Avoiding labels such as addict, alcoholic, diseased, and powerless, we help you find the inner strength you need to become your very best you.

Is Complete Harmony Right for You?

Complete Harmony is a truly alternative, non-12-step program. Our one-of-a-kind facility is ideal for clients requiring a non-denominational rehab alternative or a supplement to traditional AA and monotheistic traditions. Our high-quality California wellness retreat offers beach views, invites quiet reflection, and serves as a beautiful setting for group activities. Serving men and women, Complete Harmony addiction treatment center is uniquely suited for:

· Individuals seeking a non-12-step approach to rehab or a non-religious recovery program.
· Recovering addicts struggling with recent or frequent relapse.
· Those who have tried traditional rehab settings without success.
· People who embrace holistic therapies like yoga, acupuncture, and meditation.
· People desiring a focus on mind-body-spirit alignment.

CA Non-12-Step Rehab Admission

Welcoming people of all ages, walks of life, belief systems, and substance abuse histories, the Complete Harmony team equips patients to take control of their impulses, choices, and actions. Using evidence-based methods from a number of non-12-step disciplines, we provide comprehensive one, two and three month residential treatment plans. To discuss payment and insurance options or learn more about our rehab programs, dial 866.930.4673 or inquire online today.

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