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Dual Diagnosis Treatment


Addiction recovery can be complicated and overwhelming without the burden of a dual diagnosis, but for men and women struggling with mental illness and addictive tendencies, rehabilitation may seem like an impossible journey. In these cases, it is important to seek the expertise of a facility providing a dual-diagnosis program specialty.

Complete Harmony offers integrated therapeutic, holistic, and medical support for clients dealing with co-existing addiction and mental illness. Our team of therapists and practitioners creates personalized treatment plans for substance abuse and mental health management, and our experience with mental illness is broad and deep. Using traditional and holistic therapies, we have a proven history of successfully addressing the secondary health challenges that complicate substance abuse.

Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Supervised psychotherapeutic medications are required for most mental disorders, but Complete Harmony also provides alternative treatment methods to ease dual-diagnosis symptoms. These holistic recovery options make clients more comfortable during detox, active recovery, and aftercare, and may include:


Daily exercise & yoga practices
Mindful meditation
Bodywork & massage
Chiropractic treatment
Cognitive-behavioral approaches
SMART Recovery® Program
Drug-free detox


CA Rehab & Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring conditions may exist prior to substance abuse, or develop as a side effect of drug and alcohol dependency. Either way, Complete Harmony’s trained staff walks beside you with compassion and non-judgment, ready to see you through to sobriety and beyond.

Our integrated recovery plans help clients overcome the attention deficits, fears, and frustrations that come with mental illness, and we partner with area practitioners when outside medical expertise is required to manage your health condition. Treatable dual diagnoses include, but are not limited to:


• Bulimia & anorexia
• Clinical anxiety & depression
• Mood disorders
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Obsessive-compulsive tendencies
• Attention deficit disorders (ADD & ADHD)
• Panic attacks


Holistic Treatment at Our California Recovery Center

Proper management of co-occurring conditions is critical, since they are closely inter-related. Stress heightens addictive tendencies and mental illness, and detox can make this process even worse. Therapists and medical professionals at our California recovery center facilitate healing through holistic symptom treatment, specialized group and individual therapy approaches, pharmacological management, and family support. To learn more about dual-diagnosis or about rehabilitation for yourself or someone you love, call 866.930.4673.

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