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Relapse Prevention

Sustained sobriety requires long-term strategies for dealing with negative patterns, emotional duress, physical and psychological cravings, and poor self-esteem. At Complete Harmony, we take a holistic approach to recovery. Focused on changing behaviors from the inside out rather than putting a bandage on addictive tendencies, our alternative relapse prevention program teaches clients to harness the holistic therapy experience and apply it to life outside of treatment. While there is a place in any aftercare program for relapse coping techniques, holistic relapse prevention goes beyond situational strategies to promote a healthier lifestyle with deep purpose. Complete Harmony holistic relapse strategies include:

· Healthy nutritional planning
· Routine exercise
· Yoga & mind-body therapy
· Exploring spirituality
· Meditation & mindfulness
· Acupuncture & chiropractic care
· Cognitive-behavioral & dialectical-behavioral therapy tools (CBT & DBT)
· Participation in SMART Recovery® self-empowering addiction support
· Eliminating toxic relationships & building a sober social network
· Developing your gifts & talents
· Pursuing personal & career dreams

Experience Continuous Growth

During early recovery, the focus is on replacing drugs and alcohol with healthy choices. During long-term recovery, clients shift their focus to continued personal growth and relapse prevention. Neither of these occurs in a vacuum. Instead, all phases of recovery are learning processes that require constant vigilance. At Complete Harmony, our holistic relapse prevention plans provide a firm foundation for lifelong sobriety. After recovery, our team encourages you to continue holistic therapies and find groups and community resources that support your sobriety commitment.

Aftercare Planning at Our Holistic Treatment Facility

Many things trigger relapse, including events, places, and negative relationships. During your stay at our California holistic treatment facility, you will plan for the future so you can succeed in the present. From identifying high-risk situations to learning mindfulness techniques that center you, our relapse prevention and aftercare planning will empower you and slowly eliminate the dangerous urge to self-medicate. When it’s time to abandon the crutch of alcohol and drug use, our loving, non-judgmental team is waiting to welcome you with open arms. It’s time to begin really living. Call today: 866.930.4673.

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