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Hybrid Treatment for Addiction Recovery

Complete Harmony offers a hybrid treatment model for clients wishing to integrate conventional and holistic recovery approaches. Focused on mind, body, spirit, and social health, we cull the best of natural healing and 12-step plans to create a customized blend of services.

Elements of Hybrid Addiction Treatment

Our hybrid addiction recovery program is unique. Depending upon whether clients prefer a faith-based or secular approach, we (1) use the guiding principles from proven 12-step programs, and (2) recommend holistic modalities that complement the 12-step experience. Fusing these disciplines creates a program that restores balance to the whole person, and is uniquely customizable to the individual. Depending upon your needs, Complete Harmony’s hybrid recovery program may be tailored to include:

· Pharmacological & holistic detox support
· Group & individual counseling
· Proven 12-step program
· SMART Recovery® self-empowering addiction program
· Meditation training
· Yoga & mind-body exercise
· Massage & bodywork
· Chiropractic care
· Acupuncture for relaxation & pain relief
· Holistic & conventional relapse prevention
· Nutrition & exercise planning
· Dual-diagnosis treatment

Benefits of Our 12 Step and Holistic Program

The goal of Complete Harmony’s hybrid program is to give clients a firm foundation upon which they can build their sobriety. For true healing to occur, it is important to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. While clients learn coping skills, break through emotional barriers, confront physical cravings, and uncover the root of their addiction, our complementary therapies make treatment more comfortable and maintainable. Hybrid addiction treatment serves people struggling with:

· Alcohol abuse
· Alcoholism
· Drug abuse
· Addiction to street drugs
· Addiction to prescription drugs
· Recent or chronic relapse
· Co-occurring mental illness

Contact the Complete Harmony Admission Department

If you or a loved one is searching for an addiction treatment program that blends conventional and alternative strategies for healing, our team can help. Nurturing mind, body, and spirit, we provide a continuum of treatment for residents and outpatients. Call Complete Harmony today at 866.930.4673 to speak with our compassionate, attentive team. Your call is always confidential, and it could be the most important call you’ll ever make!

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