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Will My Insurance pay for Holistic Rehab?

We have a staff dedicated to helping you navigate your insurance coverage. Our insurance advocates can help you understand your insurance benefits, figure out what they will pay for and minimize out of pocket expenses. Many want to know if their insurance will cover holistic addiction services. We can determine that for you right away. Other commonly asked questions we can answer include:

What type of insurance do you accept?

Does your rehab center accept my insurance? If so, how much will be covered?

What length of treatment will my insurance cover?

If my insurance is not in the state of California, will you still accept it?

Will my insurance cover detox? Inpatient? Outpatient?

Do I need a medical evaluation to prove I have an addiction to my insurance company?

Can you help me communicate with my insurance company?

How do I pay for what my insurance doesn’t cover?

If I don’t have insurance, what are my options?

Please call 1-866-930-4673 to speak directly with our insurance advocates who will answer your questions.

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