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Massage Therapy for Addiction Treatment


Massage therapy and bodywork are one of the many holistic therapies offered at our CA alternative rehab center. On a physical level, massage therapy eases muscle tension and promotes relaxation. On an emotional and spiritual level, massage releases endorphins (natural pain killers) that lead to a feeling of well-being. The difference between massage therapy and other holistic addiction techniques is that the client does not have to talk or think through the therapy process. Bodywork demands little from the patient but produces proven results for pain management, stress relief, and recovery success.

Advantages of Massage Therapy for Addiction Recovery

An abundance of research supports the theory behind therapeutic touch. Clients report feeling less anxious, less depressed, and more able to release negative thoughts and memories. Addiction recovery massage has also been shown to:

· Decrease pain. Massage addresses the muscle and deep tissue pain that previously existed or manifested itself during withdrawal.
· Increase positive feelings. Massage releases some of the same “happiness hormones” as drugs and alcohol, so it can help fend off cravings and reprogram the pleasure pathway.
· Block out distractions. During massage, patients feel safe and peaceful and more able to focus on healing thoughts.
· Enhance sleep. Routine massage is a drug-free option that helps many clients combat insomnia by increasing delta (deep sleep) waves.
· Stimulate brain activity. Massage for recovery can stimulate the neurotransmitter system, boosting alertness and improving focus. This is especially helpful for those pursuing drug abstinence, since they must absorb a great deal of information during therapy and education sessions.
· Improve health. Many individuals stuck in a cycle of chemical dependency struggle to stay healthy day-to-day. Massage stimulates the immune system, helping it to ward off illness and improve overall wellness.
· Gain self-acceptance. During massage, participants gain a deep sense of relaxation, allowing them to reflect on themselves, their relationships, and the obstacles they need to overcome.

California Holistic Addiction Treatment

Located in beautiful Orange County, CA, our rehab facility provides a continuum of alternative care options for residents and outpatients. Emphasizing the importance of self-empowerment in the journey to sobriety, we use holistic therapies to eliminate substance cravings, manage dual diagnoses, enrich the rehab experience, and teach self-directed change. To learn more about our alternative, non-12-step program or to request information about insurance coverage and payment options, call 866.930.4673 or submit a confidential online inquiry today.

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