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Meditation for Addiction Recovery


A large body of recent research has focused on meditation and its impact on the brain. According to MRI and EEG results, meditation can change the brain, increase grey matter, and stimulate neural pathways. People who meditate enjoy many neurological benefits, from anxiety reduction and improved concentration to an ability to reign in unhappy or worrisome thoughts. Many studies also show that meditation has a notable impact on the brain’s self-control regions, making it an effective integrative treatment for addiction recovery.

Why Meditation?

At the root of meditation is the desire to achieve a calm inner state. When it comes to substance use, this mindfulness technique is an effective way for many people to mentally “step away” or distance themselves from substance cravings.

While meditation often complements a spiritual practice, there are secular meditation methods, as well. One such type, mindfulness meditation, was studied by the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin, where researchers reported that it could play a role in relapse prevention. So, whether you meditate to connect with a higher power or to relax into a rational, deep state of mind, meditation is a helpful holistic addition to chemical dependency treatment.

Benefits of Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Part of a CAM (complementary and alternative) approach to substance abuse rehab, meditation is encouraged throughout your Complete Harmony residential stay. From early addiction and detox through relapse education and aftercare planning, a vibrant meditation practice can:

· Keep you feeling centered, motivated and focused on drug-free healing.
· Rewire pathways in the brain and increase grey matter in parts of the brain connected with memory, learning, and self-awareness.
· Keep your brain younger for longer. Studies indicate that people who meditate regularly retain more brain mass as they age.
· Slow breathing, calm anxiety, and relieve tension.
· Help religious individuals deepen their connection with God.

Meditation & Holistic Rehab Treatment in California

One of the most important benefits of meditation is that it does not require specialized equipment and can be done anywhere. As men and women pursue a lifestyle of chemical abstinence, they will be faced with many events, places, and situations that trigger the desire to use. Taking a few moments to meditate at work, in the car, or before stressful situations can lead to healthy, mindful decisions and the strength to remain sober. At Complete Harmony, we teach clients to add this simple, yet powerful tool to their addiction recovery arsenal. To learn more about our alternative rehab and complementary addiction recovery programs, dial 866.930.4673 or click here to submit a private, confidential inquiry.

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