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Non 12 Step Treatment

Selecting an addiction plan is a highly individual experience and should not be taken lightly. At Complete Harmony and our Hope by the Sea sister facilities, we help clients weigh the benefits of each program so they can enter rehabilitation motivated and prepared for success. For some clients, traditional 12-step programs provide desirable structure; other clients may seek a blend of complementary therapies and holistic modalities. In either case, our proven non 12 step recovery programming has helped hundreds of participants transform their future.

Holistic Addiction Rehab in California

Twelve-step program models are proven to work in many cases, but each person’s struggle with drugs and alcohol is different. Whether you prefer a secular rehab approach, embrace holistic health principles, or are facing a co-existing mental health diagnosis, holistic recovery teaches self-empowerment, self-awareness, and personal coping skills that translate into success across many areas of your life. If a 12-step model does not suit your needs, consider the features of our holistic, non-12-step program:

· Yoga, mindfulness & meditation. A mind-body experience can hasten your recovery, ease withdrawal symptoms, and give you the tools you need for sustained sobriety.
· Acupuncture & chiropractic care. Complementary therapies are of great benefit for many of our CA rehab clients—especially those dealing with pain management issues. Acupuncture and chiropractic treatment provide drug-free pain relief and an enhanced sense of well-being.
· Non-pharmaceutical detox. While some clients require supervised medication to manage detox, many prefer to use holistic intervention methods. Our facility offers a full range of alternative detox therapies upon request.
· A secular approach to healing. At Complete Harmony, we understand that each client comes to us with a different view of faith and spirituality. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of those who embrace religious beliefs, and those who wish to approach recovery as a retraining of the rational mind.
· Cognitive-behavioral approaches. Our holistic non-12-step CA rehab uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to “unlearn” destructive behaviors and “relearn” healthy ones. Complete Harmony clients have the opportunity to attend individual therapy sessions and work through CBT steps at their personal pace.
· Dual-diagnosis programs. Co-occurring mental disorders complicate addiction recovery, but Complete Harmony is equipped to provide integrated therapy for mental health conditions and drug or alcohol rehab.

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Tailoring treatment programs to your unique personal and therapeutic needs, Complete Harmony provides a range of non-12-step rehabilitation solutions for men and women of all ages. Call 866.930.4673 to discuss admission procedures or inquire about insurance coverage. It is our desire that you begin to live a healthy, sober life—and we offer the nonjudgmental, compassionate environment you need to thrive throughout each phase of substance abuse recovery.

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