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SMART Recovery


SMART Recovery: Self-Management for Addiction Recovery

An alternative to 12-step programs, SMART Recovery® teaches self-empowering addiction recovery. During SMART Recovery groups, participants receive scientifically based tools for addiction recovery and participate in a worldwide community of mutual help groups. The program theme, “Discover the Power of Choice!”™ is based upon the idea that clients can learn the art of self-empowerment and begin to make self-directed change in order to replace destructive decisions with healthy ones. This program exists in contrast to traditional 12-step programming and represents and alternative approach to recovery.

SMART Recovery 4-Point Program

SMART Recovery’s 4-Point Program® helps people recover from many addictive behaviors, including alcohol and drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, and addiction to other activities and chemicals. The four points covered throughout the experience include:

1. Building & maintaining motivation
2. Coping with urges
3. Managing thoughts, feelings & behaviors
4. Living a balanced life

Each of these program points requires training and discipline to succeed, and SMART Recovery coaches provide individuals with the tools they need as they move from step to step. Resources include face-to-face meetings and support groups, daily worldwide online meetings, an online message board, a 24-hour chat room, an online library, and more. As participants progress toward step four of the program, they develop and refine strategies for achieving lifestyle balance and leading a full, healthy life.

SMART Recovery Features & Advantages

The purpose of the SMART Recovery program is to “support individuals who have chosen to abstain, or are considering abstinence from any type of addictive behaviors (substances or activities), by teaching how to change self-defeating thinking, emotions, and actions; and to work toward long-term satisfactions and quality of life.”

SMART Recovery is continually evolving as scientific understanding of addiction treatment evolves. Over the course of this curriculum, clients of all ages benefit from:

· Conducting a cost-benefit analysis of their addictive behavior
· Learning self-empowerment & self-reliance techniques
· Committing to self-directed change
· Participating in educational, open meeting environments
· Using recommended, prescribed medication & psychological treatments to manage dual diagnoses or other conditions
· Role-playing & rehearsing
· Embracing unconditional self-acceptance (USA)

Is SMART Recovery Right for You?


There is no one-size-fits-all methodology for treatment, and each person benefits from an individualized, unique approach to addiction recovery. While Complete Harmony does not offer SMART Recovery, we are available to help you learn more about alternative treatment approaches that may work best for you.  

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