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Yoga for Addiction Recovery


A proven treatment for stress and a variety of physical and emotional ailments, yoga employs meditation, focused breathing and directed body postures to enhance health and ease substance abuse withdrawal and craving symptoms. At Complete Harmony, our yoga practitioners enhance addiction recovery by guiding clients in this ancient healing art.

Yoga is for Everyone

It is a myth that yoga is a series of complicated physical poses requiring experience and flexibility. Yoga is a holistic addiction treatment practice ideal for all ages, all exercise levels, and all rehab stages, and it is an excellent complement to traditional and non-traditional recovery programs. Benefits include:

· Substance-free relaxation. During yoga poses and breathing practices, participants are led to turn their thoughts inward to release the past and focus on the present.
· Pain & tension relief. Addiction recovery clients may be dealing with pre-existing pain or pain caused by detox and withdrawal symptoms. Yoga is a pharmaceutical-free pain relief alternative that treats joint and muscle aches through stretching and deep breathing.
· Adaptability. Basic yoga poses can be performed by all fitness levels. As you become more comfortable with the sequences, there are many opportunities to deepen your practice with advanced postures.
· Relapse prevention. The stresses that trigger addiction are everywhere, but once you have established a comfortable, challenging yoga practice, it can be done anywhere. When combined with meditation, it is commonly used by Complete Harmony patients to refocus thoughts and ward off harmful cravings.
· Sense of community. At Complete Harmony, we desire for clients to feel accepted and loved as part of our unique community. Yoga provides an accepting environment in which spiritual and secular individuals come together to renew mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic Options at Our California Rehab Center

It is especially important to choose a rehab program that suits your personal beliefs and recovery objectives. The Complete Harmony team offers proven holistic and alternative therapies that cater to open-minded clients seeking self-empowerment and self-directed change. To learn more about our complementary therapy approaches or discuss insurance coverage for your drug or alcohol abuse problem, call 866.930.4673 or connect online today.

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